Amanda Yuill, MS, CPPC

FTH_4044-EditAmanda came to the coaching profession with over a decade of global experience in the mining services industry in a variety of technical, strategic marketing and leadership roles. Throughout this experience, the common thread was leading culturally diverse, technically proficient, cross-functional teams to deliver complex projects in a heavily regulated environment. She was fascinated by the dynamics of team performance and motivation, which led her to complete a coaching qualification and ultimately make this the primary focus of her career.

During her career, Amanda has managed and grown product lines with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. She did this through cycles of boom and bust, and knows what it takes to lead in a constantly changing marketplace. She understands first hand the complexities and challenges of both technical and commercial career paths, as well as the entrepreneurial journey and the transition into it from the corporate world. She has experienced the impact that leadership – good and bad – has on both engagement at work and on bottom line performance.

A sense of purpose has always been a cornerstone of Amanda’s work, which led her to develop a passion for helping others to connect with their own sense of purpose, and build their career and leadership style around it. She draws heavily on current research in positive psychology and neuroscience to create programs and coaching interventions with demonstrated impact, tailored to the client.

Her professional background in science, manufacturing and business allow her to quickly establish rapport with clients who are traditionally more difficult to engage in leadership development activities, as she is able to frame the material in a way that is meaningful to them.

Amanda holds a Masters degree in industrial chemistry and is a certified life coach and certified positive psychology coach.


The Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra. Photo credit: DenverMind Media

10959829_10153174006134739_1983964839185441609_nWhen she’s not helping people create amazing, purpose-based careers, Amanda might be found playing the trombone with the Mile High Big Band or the Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra, skiing, scuba diving, taking photos of the things that light people up, or having adventures with her wonderful husband and adorable dog Jazz.

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